NexGen Screen Sound Wave

NexGen Dispatch – Radio based GPS and Dispatch solution for professionals

NexGen Dispatch is a cost effective and feature rich radio based Tracking and Dispatching solution to enhance productivity and safety in your workplace. NexGen is a Web Based Client solution while running seamlessly as a windows service in the background. NexGen has been designed for Kenwood NXDN and Fleetsync Protocols and will be available for DMR Tier 2 in the future.

NexGen PC Display

NexGen feature set

  • Connects via Donor Radio
  • 6 Simultaneous Users – Unlimited User Accounts
  • Uses Google Maps Engine
  • NXDN Conventional, NXDN Trunking and Fleetsync Support
  • Voice Recording and Playback
  • Stream Radio Audio to PC
  • Geo-Fence Alerts
  • Fixed Asset Tracking
  • Text and Status Messaging
  • Message Scheduling
  • Email Alerts for Status Messages, Emergency Duress, Lone-Worker and Man-Down
  • History Display and History Export to CSV
  • History and Map Filters
  • Print Map and Print History
  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Designed for Server Installation
  • Server GUI including Online Updates
  • Access via Edge Browser from anywhere in Corporate Network
  • User Roles for various access levels and privilege’s
  • 10 year License – 1 Upfront Cost
  • End User and Dealer Support Available

Quick Access Menu Per Radio

Allows user to send a status or text message to a radio, interrogate a radio for current  location and display historical “Tracks” on the map with out having to navigate to the messaging window.

Quick Access to Options

Fix Assets

Users can place fixed assets on the map and can assign a radio to a fixed asset. Hover over fixed asset to display asset details. Manage fixed assets in the lower pane via “Assets” Tab.

Fixed Assett Details
Fixed Assets Tab
Main Screen
Fleet List
History Infomation
User and Account Info
Main Mapping Window
Mapping Window
Voice Recording Playback
Hover Over Radio for Details
Main Messaging Window
Select Users
Select Message Type
Select Status
Send Options
Scheduling Messages
Free Hand Text Message Box
Text Message Templates
Alert Popup
Customised Event Based Pop Up Alerts

Requirements for Server Machine

  • Windows 10
  • i5 processor or equivalent
  • 8gb ram
  • 512gb hard drive
  • Sound card with Mic/ Line input
  • Dual USB ports

Server Prerequisites

  • MAC address for license generation
  • Internet access
  • Port 3333 enabled through firewall
  • Aspnetcore-runtime-6.0.13-win-x86.exe
  • Dotnet-runtime-6.0.13-win-x86.exe
  • Windowsdesktop-runtime.6.0.13-win-x86.exe
  • Vc2015_redist.x86.exe

The package – List price $8500.00 + GST


  • 10 year server license
  • 6 simultaneous web clients with unlimited user accounts
  • 1x 3m data and audio cable
  • 1x USB sound card
  • 1x USB to serial converter


  • Suitably configured and installed NX-X00, NX-X20, NX-3X20, NX5X00 base radio
  • Base radio installed within 3m of server machine
  • Server machine with internet access

Ongoing support

Support is available – List price $500.00+ GST per year. Ongoing support does not include setup support which, if required is billed by the hour.


  • Bug fixes
  • Software updates when available
  • Special customisations where possible
  • Remote dealer support (Team Viewer must be installed)
  • License modification (When migrating to a new server)


Quickly display radios historic GPS data. Show all or limit to time and date.

Tracking on Map

Details Hover

Hover mouse over a map icon to show radio alias, radio status and time and date of last update.

Details Hover

Server GUI

Server GUI for administrators. Shows raw incoming and outgoing data as well as error codes and other diagnostics Infomation.

Server GUI