Comwide Services

Comwide Radio Services is a service oriented company. Our trained technicians are able to offer their expertise in many areas. These areas include (but are not limited to) a premium range of personalised services such as:


Our staff are trained technicians whose passion is providing our customers with an expert and personal service second to none. The staff receive regular training and love keeping up to date with the latest in Radio Communication Technology. Give us a call any time if you would like to know more or just have a quick query that you would like answered.


We can tailor a quarterly, half yearly or annual maintenance schedules that maintain the reliability of your radio fleet and prevent unexpected downtime caused by faulty equipment.


Our consultancy advice is an ongoing and a constant support we provide all our customers. With any new projects we meet with customers, define the scope of the project and ascertain system requirements. This discussion can include number of 2way radio users, operational environment, desired system features, budget, site limitations etc. The more we know the more we are able to make the appropriate recommendations.


Installation of vehicle radios, base radios, phone kits and stereos, mobile data terminals, base infrastructure including repeaters and trunking systems, antennas, towers and masts, power supplies and battery backup solutions.

ComWide Repairs


Repairs to Radio Equipment – We can service and repair all makes of 2way radio equipment either on site or at our office. We use the latest test and alignment equipment to ensure reliable repairs that last. We can quote where required and when not quoting we use a common sense approach and won’t undertake $400.00 repair to a $200.00 radio. If we believe a repair is going to be excessive we will always consult with you first, allowing you to make an informed decision.


Spare Parts & Accessories – We are able to supply genuine spare parts for all brand radio equipment at competitive prices. We can also offer you an extensive range of quality aftermarket 2way radio accessories as a cost effective alternative.

2way Radio Fleet Management


Comwide can assist you with 2way radio fleet management, providing reporting on equipment and repairs, audits of your fleet and advice on how to better maintain your equipment to ensure long-term reliability and optimum performance.


Site Tests & Surveys – Comwide Radio can undertake site tests for system designs, upgrades and other communication needs. We can also produce computer drafted coverage map predictions.


We love a challenge. If an of-the-shelf solution does not cut it, we work with you to design a unique solution for your communication needs.

For further info don’t hesitate to CONTACT us.

See our ACCESSORIES link for an extensive range of aftermarket radio accessories including batteries, remote speaker mics, headsets, earpieces and more.