Comwide 2way Radio Sales

As a service based SA owned company, Comwide ensures your existing 2way radio fleet is working to its optimum potential and will only recommend a new system if your circumstances change, the new technology will benefit your organisation or existing equipment is becoming uneconomical to repair.

Looking to Buy 2 Way Radios?

Our sales team has over 40 years’ experience in the RF world and stems from a service background. No system is sold without extensive field and site testing including radio coverage predictions using the latest software. Our sales team tell you exactly what to expect. We don’t sugar-coat it to make the sale only to let you down later, as some companies do.

Comwide Radio Services keeps up with the very latest technology. Whenever a new product is released we spend time thoroughly testing all its features, performance and reliability, to ensure we are offering you, the client, the best and most reliable solution possible. Whether you just need local communications between half a dozen people or you need an area wide, multi-site, fully featured system for a fleet of 100 vehicles or more, packed full of features such as private and Group Call, Emergency Duress, GPS Position Display, Lone Worker and Text Messaging – Comwide are able to help.

Some of our latest projects include:

  • Digital 2way radio rollout for Naracoorte Lucindale Council: Consisting of over 80 of the latest digital radios, multi-site infrastructure, GPS, lone worker and text messaging.
  • Department of Defence DSTO: 70 digital radios and infrastructure for emergency operations including telephone access via 2way radio, messaging and call logging.
  • Adelaide City Council digital 2way radio upgrade: A mixed fleet of over 200 of the latest model Kenwood digital radios both handheld and vehicle mounted. A 6 channel trunking network offering coverage in all the nooks and crannies of the CBD and coverage of the greater metro area. The system includes GPS, emergency duress and lone worker features as well as Messaging, private and individual call.

We are not biased towards one particular brand, we sell you what we believe your company will benefit from the most -any protocol (DMR, PMR, NXDN, TETRA, MPT), any brand (Kenwood, Motorola, Vertex, Tait, Hytera, Icom, GME, HYT, Sepura, Uniden)

See our two way radio SERVICES page for additional information including 2way Radio Repairs, Installations, Maintenance Schedules, Operator Training, Consultancy, Site Surveys and more.

See our two way radio NETWORKS page to see how our various Network Rentals can be a cost effective solution for you without the initial outlay of costly infrastructure.

See our two way radio HIRE & RENTAL page to investigate cost effective short or long term radio rental solutions.

Comwide Radio is not interested it conquering the world and only looks after its patch of ground – South Australia. There are plenty of “National” operators, but advice, sales & service you receive between States can differ considerably. Don’t be fooled, it is always better to deal with a knowledgeable local company. Make your life simple, give us a call and let us do the rest.

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