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Comwide’s Digital Trunked Radio Network with AVL/Messaging

Comwide Radio Services Pty Ltd has recently rolled out a new Digital Trunked Radio Network providing superior voice clarity and a list of powerful enhancements.

The new digital trunked network offers clear handheld and vehicle radio communications over the greater metropolitan area as well as an extensive list of enhancements to assist management of staff and assets.

These features include:

  • Group voice communications
  • Private voice communications
  • GPS Location
  • Geo-fencing
  • Text messaging
  • Status messaging
  • Printable reporting
  • Emergency duress
  • Lone worker
  • Digital clarity
  • Voice encryption offering secure communications

For those that already have satisfactory radio networks in place but would like to ad GPS functionality and Emergency Duress, Comwide Radio Services Pty Ltd can offer solutions. We have GPS products available that will interface to most current analogue radios, providing you some of the key features that new digital radios offer without the capital outlay.[/span8] [span4][/span4] [/row]