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Digital Radio Call Box

The Comwide Digital Radio Call Box is an ideal solution where radio comms are required from security gates, loading docks or just where a fixed 2 way radio is required. Housed in a secure food grade stainless steel box the unit is splash resistant and meets food manufacturing standards.

Each call box is powered by mains power so there is no need to worry about charging of batteries.

Each Call Box can be programmed to meet the customers’ requirements.


  • Clear, Crisp Digital Audio
  • Splash proof suitable for sheltered outdoor use
  • Available in Digital OR Analogue
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SMS over 2 Way Radio

The Comwide GSM Com-Bridge offers 2 way radio users the option of SMS to and from mobile phones via 2 Way Radio.

  • Send an SMS to the 2 way radio fleet from any mobile phone
  • Send an SMS to any mobile phone from a 2 way radio
  • Send an SMS from an alarm panel to the 2 way radio fleet
  • Will continue to alert the radio operator until an acknowledgment is received


  • Site alarm notifications can be sent to all or specific radios users simultaneously
  • Students with language difficulties can contact campus security via SMS
  • Allows 2 way Radio and Mobile Phone networks to communicate with each other (via SMS)
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